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This 'Journal' Isn't a 'Journal'

It's Mostly For Norm the Genie Fanworks and Posting to Fandom Comms

Fic: Universes Will Evaporate
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Title: Universes Will Evaporate

Author: unknown20troper

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who

Author's Note: Constructive criticism appreciated, particularly on characterization. This fic mostly draws from TV canon, and picks and chooses from the extended universe. The title is from Alastair Reynold’s Doctor Who novel, the Harvest of Time.

Pairing: War!Doctor/Jacobi!Master

Warnings: Spoilers for Series 7’s “of the Doctor” arc

Summary: When the Time War leaves them unsure of their own identities, they are there to remind each other of who they are.

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