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This 'Journal' Isn't a 'Journal'

It's Mostly For Norm the Genie Fanworks and Posting to Fandom Comms

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My main fandom at the moment is Fairly OddParents and my favorite character on that show is Norm the Genie. He's practically the only character I write about. I can't get enough of him (despite the fact that he's a popular character, and there should be enough, but there's never enough when one's obsessed with him), and if someone write a wonderful, awesome fanfic or draws wonderful fanart of him about him (regardless of the pairing, genre etc.), they'll be guaranteed to get a Fave or Watch from me. Don't worry. He's not the only thing that I read about or look at.

I also sometimes read in the Pokemon video games, Ben 10 (though I haven't watched much lately), Danny Phantom and Bartimaeus Trilogy fandoms.

I also read in some other fandoms, like Harry Potter, if I hear that there's something good there.

I'd like to write (a) fanfic in a fandom other than Fairly OddParents (not a specific one, just a fandom that I like), but I don't feel very confident about it. I'm afraid that I don't know any other fandoms well enough to write good fanfics about them. Also, Fairly OddParents, I've noticed, seems to really click with me, so I'm worried that another fandom might not click as well. Make sense? Make no sense?

I'm a multi-shipper. That means I'm okay with any pairing (regardless of kind, particularly ones involving Norm the Genie and slash) and that I think any pairing can be pulled off well by someone good and if you see me make any statement to the contrary, it is probably a mistake. If you believe anything to the contrary about my views on pairings, you are wrong. Alright, I've just realized that I do have some pairing preferences. The thing is just that I don't hold firmly to them, and like stuff that aren't my preferences too.

I should tell you what they are, should I?

Harry/Draco (Harry Potter)

Norm the Genie slash (Fairly OddParents)

I personally think that Cupid and Juandissimo were together in Wishology, but Butch Hartman wouldn't say that was what they were doing, on show or off show, since its a kids show and all. The restaurant scene looked a lot like a date to me. I can accept people thinking that they weren't though, of course, and I can like them with other people, of course. (Fairly OddParents)

It took me a while to understand Cosmo/Timmy - though I do like it, and liked it before I understood it, but I do now, and have found slashy moments in Wishology for this pairing. In fact, they had a lot of slashy moments in Wishology. It isn't my absolute fave Timmy pairing though. Unlike 99 of the fandom, I don't have a preferred Timmy pairing. (Fairly OddParents)

I like writing rare, unusual, cracky pairings most of the time - I also like to write pairings that aren't like that, but especially that kind. I like the challenge of getting them together while keeping to canon and keeping all the characters in character. Also, most Norm the Genie pairings are like that. As well, that kind of pairing makes me sure that I'm not writing a plot/idea/story that's already been done a million times.

I tend to have trouble understanding a pairing - but like them anyway - when most of the fanfic about the pairing takes for granted that they're together, or would get together (ei. doesn't have any 'how they got together' stories; doesn't take canon love interests into account or writes them out of character; has the same cliches every time; has characters out of character etc.). That doesn't apply to canon pairings, like Cosmo/Wanda, or pairings that I see as canon, like Cupid/Juandissimo. After reading or writing fanfic that doesn't, I begin to understand the pairings. If I don't understand a pairing, I desire to understand it and get frustrated that I'm not.

As you've seen above, I prefer slash, though I do like het, gen and femmeslash.

I write whatever I've got an idea for at the moment, regardless of the pairing though.

Whoa, that's a long pairing preferences explanation for someone that thinks of themselves as a multi-shipper. That just shows that pairing preferences are universal. XD (Did I use the emoticon right?)

Yeah, and I'll never use this for anything fitting the dictionary definition of journal (or diary, for that matter). The Net does not need to know, and shouldn't know about my personal life. I use my LiveJournal only for fandom comms, and to help give my fanworks a wider audience.

I exist, but my LJ and my computer aren't working together well, so you may have wait a long time for me to update.

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